I am getting ill

I m getting ill of people nowadays.I dont understand why they don’t know the reasons behind their living.Actually nobody knows but still you have to find some to keep living.I mean look at yourself .You have become a kind of person who has set a kind of wrong metrics to judge people and judge yourself.For example you judge one’s success by the kind of money he has and thats making me ill.Dont you have any other topic to compare yourself to others?? I mean what about comparing social interactions and humbleness..what about honesty and mindfullness..what about being religous..their are infinetly many factors that you can find usefull to compare with others..I m not saying that all of you do that but most of you do …The person with heaps of money can be a witty, jealous and self obsessed person too..You dont know but it is for sure that he cannot be superior in all factors..and nobody is.You are good in some factors and bad at some.The real maturity is to accept the fact that nobody is perfect and everyone has got a ill corner that he or she needs to correct to some extent and you dont need to compare yourself with others in any metrics bcz that can lead you to a wrong judgement.Drop some comments on how much do you agree on that..


If you are finding Motivation,you are taking the wrong path.Actually when you are searching for Motivation you r finding will power to struggle the way to success.If you do so it will make you comfortable for a period of time, say 2 or 3 days but how many times did you get the benifit for the long run??I will tell you ,NONE..So what i am basically trying to say is that stop finding motivation and start trying to live your dream like it was  your daily routine.When you are what you do repeatedly , then achievment isn’t an action you take but a habit you forge into..